Seat Leasing: The Details Matter, 10 Things To Consider

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When you are choosing a seat lease call center for your company you have to be very careful.

The details matter a lot when getting a seat leasing service.

The same thing applies with leasing seats. Usually when starting out on a budget, leasing makes good sense if you have a lot of money. If you choose the wrong call center situation, it can be very bad for you, and make it hard to get your business off the ground. You base the decision to lease seats solely on cost alone. The details really matter.

Here are just a few things to consider when leasing call center seats.n

    • First of all, do they have the infrastructure you need?
    • Do they have a good dialer? Are they able to download your leads, and give you a proper disposition report daily?
    • Is the IT staff competent, and willing to help make sure your data, dialer and reporting are the way you need them to be?
    • Do they have a VoIP provider that will help you?

One example of the details mattering a lot came when one seat leaser leased from a company and used the VoIP provider. They deposited money and started dialing. The 5 agents they had sat there for the better part of a day dialing with all calls timing out or bad results. The campaign manager finally went to the IT and told them what was happening, and IT blamed the data. Another day of calling later, it was determined that the VoIP provider used by the call center had really bad routes and was unable to service the client. Two days of dialing down the drain, along with a too good to be true cost for VoIP, resulted in wasted efforts all around. A proper call center would not have issues like that.

    • Other things to consider are the chairs – are they comfy? Are the workstations big enough?
    • Is the internet at a speed sufficient to run the soft phone? Are the soft phones included?
    • Does the internet have backup if it fails, or if one provider goes down? Are they on Windows 95? Surprisingly enough some still are!
    • Will the center be available for the shift you need?
      • Do they offer copying, printing, scanning, and other administrative services that can further save you time and increase your efficiency?
        • Do they have a pantry, proper facilities, a clean CR. Etc.? These things may be indicators that the management running the call center is thorough about the details, and has a good leaning towards quality customer service.

As you can well see, price and location are not the only considerations when leasing a center. Please call us to get the whole picture, and get a great deal on a proper seat lease arrangement for your growing company!

Get A Great Deal On A Proper Seat LeasenArrangement For Your Growing Company.

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