Good Customer Service: The Top 5 Reasons Why It’s Your Most Important Metric

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outsourcing companiesA business won’t survive without clients, period. And nowadays, any business environment is highly competitive, and to survive, you are driven by the constant need to offer more. There is also the struggle to get and KEEP clients, and knowing how to meet expenses that are rising, etc. If you want to be a dynamic business, you have to be willing to adapt and overcome the different market challenges thrown your way. If you can, you will thrive! But for most businesses, who don’t really have the right mix of resources to keep up with the required changes, survival is an issue. Your solution – good customer service!

Unfortunately, many businesses ignore good customer service, focusing on the possible losses that will be gained from increasing your client’s satisfaction. Some businesses would reason that their product or service is more than enough to keep the client’s coming back – that there’s no need to enhance or improve customer service. If you are serious in making your business a success, having good, strong customer service will be your best bet.

outsourcing companies

“The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” – Richard Branson”

Good customer service is not exactly about the cliché “The Customer is Always Right.” Good customer service focuses more on your relationship with your customers. You need to have their best interests at heart. An analogy – how do you treat your family? Asides from fulfilling your basic roles as a mother/father/sibling/child (ex: providing for basic needs, doing household chores, etc.), you do things that will improve your relationship with each member. You go on dates, spend time doing activities they enjoy, be there when they have problems, the list goes on. It is the same with good customer service. Building a relationship with your customers does not happen if you treat them as, well, simply a “source of money.” Good customer service means that you sincerely care for your customers, and that you are there to provide real value to them. The way you communicate with them, the way you help them when troubleshooting is needed, the frequency of getting in touch with them to check if they need new orders or getting feedback from them – there are so many ways wherein you can provide great customer service, and ignoring this would be at your business’s peril.

Good customer service focuses more on your relationship with your customers. You need to have their best interests at heart.Click To Tweet

“Traditional corporations, particularly large-scale service and manufacturing businesses are organized for efficiency, Or consistency, But not joy. Joy comes from surprise and connection and humanity and transparency and new…If you fear special requests, if you staff with cogs, if you have to put it all in a manual, then the chances of amazing someone are really quite low. – Seth Godin”

Still not sold? Check out the bigwigs – Amazon, Apple, etc. – what do they have in common? They all believe that their customers are above all else. This is why they have become the business icons that they are today. If you deliver real value to your customers – good products/services + good customer service – your business is assured of, not only survival, but of growth and significance beyond what you originally thought of. Any business dreams to be a success. No one plans to start a business and becomes a negative nelly, believing it will fail immediately. You want to grow, and you want to succeed. For whatever reasons you have in wanting your business to succeed, it is important to understand why customer service is so critical to your success. There is just so much competition out there, so many choices for the same set of customers. Good customer service will help you stand out from the rest. And knowing the value of good customer service is a start.

Good customer service will help you stand out from the rest. And knowing the value of good customer service is a start.Click To Tweet

The value of great customer service goes beyond the numbers. It stems from your businesses’ core: Who are you? What is your business REALLY all about? Why do you do things a certain way? Who is it for? Your customers are the be-all and end-all. Focusing on them – their needs, their expectations – would guarantee that you stay in business. The way you treat them will translate to either a quick-buck, or a steady stream of income that will sustain your business. Which do you prefer?

“Make a customer, not a sale. – Katherine Barchetti

outsourcing companies

How important is Good Customer Service?

Let’s break the reasons down further –

1. Good customer service makes you the “Good Guy”

“The customer’s perception is your reality. – Kate Zabriskie

If you take care of your customers – it says a lot about your company’s philosophy. Providing your customers with real value shows the world that you’re not just in it for the profits – you intend to help, to affect lives, to make a difference. We are all drawn to good. Just as we were raised to choose the people we hang out with, customers would always choose a business that has a good reputation. A good company would always be the preferred choice of customers, and good customer service will build your reputation.

Goodness spreads, and when you provide good customer service, chances are, word about you will spread. You cannot buy that kind of advertising. People tend to trust people more than the colorful ads, paid reviews, etc. Word-of-mouth advertising is the purest form of persuasion that stems from one’s experience, and no amount of promotions or advertising can have the same impact. Great customer experience will create raving fans who will attract more business for you.

Great customer experience will create raving fans who will attract more business for you.Click To Tweet

2. Keeping customers is less expensive than getting new ones

Fact: It is much more costly to attract new customers than to retain existing ones. Considering advertising and promotion costs, your time, energy, and the uncertainty of your efforts, it will cost almost five times more to attract new customers! It is much better instead to keep existing customers and get repeat orders from them. This alone stresses how critical it is for your business to provide good customer service! Finding new customers is costly and uncertain in the long run. You have a greater chance selling to an existing customer than trying your luck with a new one. If you keep your current customers satisfied and happy with your business, repeat purchases are guaranteed.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it. – Warren Buffet”

Yes, goodness spreads, yet a horrible customer experience spreads faster. There are thousands of stories stemming from bad customer service. If you want to keep your customers, make them feel that you care! Focus on being the good guy, the one who provides the best customer experience. The effects will be phenomenal for your business!

3. Treating your customers well makes employees stay with you, share, and serve

As we mentioned earlier, we are all drawn to good. The same applies to your employees. When employees see how you treat your customers it is like they are the “hero” of your story. It lets them know that you genuinely care about them and it inspires your employees to do well. It also gives them a sense of pride in being part of a good company. This drives employees to give a little more, to be better, and to stick around even when the going gets tough. The opposite is also true when they see that you’re just after a quick sale.

4. Good customer service opens New Doors

“Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you, they insist that their friends do business with you. – Chip Bell”

What makes you stand out from the rest? What real value do you give your customers? These questions, when reflected on and Acted upon, leads to a focus on your customers’ satisfaction. Good customer service says a lot about a company, and again, since we are all drawn to good, not only will customers come knocking on your doors more frequently, but other companies will as well – suppliers who may offer better deals for you, groups who can offer you beneficial partnerships or endorsements, as well as personalities or influencers who would be happy to promote your business!

5. Good customer service = Staying Power

The numbers are staggering: only four out of every 100 businesses last more than five years. The only guarantee for your business to last is to focus on the essential – providing the best product/service and sincere customer service to your clients. No clients = no business. It’s as simple as that. There are so many tasks and expectations when running a business, but when you prioritize your customers – focusing on their needs, troubleshooting when needed – not only do you guarantee continuous sales, but you also decrease the chances of having problems overall (Ex: returns, lost sales, legal issues, resources wasted, etc.). Provide good customer service and your business will definitely endure any competitive market changes that you will face. You will thrive!

Here at ICCS, we help you with the necessary framework and support systems that guarantee good customer service. Ask us how we can help you? We have a passion for customer service and we only accept the best from our agents and team at all times. We give you impeccable service at a great rate!

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